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Dive Programs



All classes begin with a warm-up during our dryland training. Dryland activities are designed to warm-up, to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and body positions and to do progressions that work towards learning new skills. Promotion to a higher level is based on coaches recommendation.


To be selected to join the Competition Team the diver must be selected by their coach and have the required number of dives by age level as set forth by USA Diving. Here divers are challenged to increase the quality and difficulty of their skills.



The Atlantic Diving Team is offering swimming and diving lessons combined into one! The goal of the Swim N Dive lesson is to improve swimming skills and introduce basic diving skills required for the safe practice of diving.

This is diving...

Diving is a year round sport. Diving is not a consolation sport for those who decide not to swim. Diving is the ultimate form of grace, beauty, and athleticism. A diver must be able to perform a physically and mentally challenging act, in unison, in just 2 seconds and make it look effortless, in control, and beautiful. Diving is an individual team sport that fosters confidence, courage and a commitment to excellence. A diver will truly excel when working and competing with others on their team.

Conquering fear is something divers do every time they are on the board. When a diver smacks and has that feeling of “broken glass” pressing against their body; it means they are truly divers - pushing their mind and body to excel beyond the milk run of mediocrity. Some cry upon smacking, some just suck-it-up and some still think the redness will eventually turn to a tan ;). If you dive long enough you will become a very good diver – just how good will be up to your positive commitment, mental strength, and coaching.