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Dive-A-Thon Event

April 24th, 2023 - May 28th, 2023



Join us in our fundraising journey, our first ALL DIving party, and celebration of Dive-A-Thons!

Saturday, May 27th 2023

12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

We are excited to kick off the Inaugural Dive-A-Thon! Dive-A-Thon is the ALL TEAM party during which athletes earn their pledges for the Dive a Thon. A new event brings with it a new way of doing things. We have created a timeline/calendar to make it easy to participate in this fun event!

Step One

April 17th - May 5th

Gather Business Sponsorships

• Ask favorite businesses and service providers if they would like to sponsor a diving board, or a large banner.

• Their information will be seen by the entire Martin County Community and they’ll gain exposure through any media attention the event brings.

• Act quickly, spaces are limited. Print out the Sponsorship form below.

Pledge kick-off

May 1st - May 2nd

Athletes will gather in their groups for a complete run down of the Dive-A-Thon. Pledge packets will come home! Athletes can start gathering pledges.

Step Two

May 2nd - May 26th

Pledge Period

• Athletes will gather pledges.

• Athletes and groups will earn prizes based on participation and earnings!

Step Three

May 15th - May 19th

Pre-order food and drinks

• Make your meal and drink orders.

Step Four

May 27th

Dive-A-Thon Event!

• Food and party will start at 12:00 p.m. First group hops in the water at 1:00.

• Athletes will dive during their scheduled time.

• Enjoy Dinner, a beer or glass of wine, or soft drinks.

• Bid on Coach Experiences,

• Hang out with the DJ, play some games.

• Be one big Atlantic Diving Team Family.

Step Five

May 27th

Gather pledges and prize totals

• Report your dives to anyone pledging per dive.

• Finish-up your pledges.

• May 28: prize totals for individuals will be tabulated!

Last day for pledges

May 27th

Final chance to submit pledges.

Step Six

May 31st

Wrap-up | Awards & Prizes

• 5 highest earners will pick their prizes.

• Tiered prizes will be reward.

• Dive-in-Movie for $500 and group winner.

• Coach Experiences redeemed.

Help our cause by contributing!

Sponsor a diver for any flat amount at any time, between now and May 26, 2023.
Or complete your “per dive” sponsorship after May 27th and your diver informs you of their dive total.

Either way your generous donation helps ALL ADT DIVERS by funding new diving boards, dry land equipment, video analysis equipment and SO much more!

Go Atlantic Diving Team!