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After School Program

ADT After School Program


1 day Classe   - Tuesday, Thursday or Friday
2 days Classe - Tuesday & Thursday or Friday
3 days Classe - Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

Where: Sailfish Splash Waterpark
             931 SE Ruhnke St, Stuart, FL 34994

The After School Program (ASP) is a Atlantic Diving Team program designed for children at Elementary and Middle schools who wish to learn about Springboard Diving. It will be appropriate for all children, regardless of level of competition. A diving program led by the Atlantic Diving Team a year-round, privately run, lessons and competitive Springboard and Platform Diving Team. Training sessions are once, twice or three times a week and 90 minutes long, where children will be introduced to the fundamentals of diving. The groups will be age appropriate. Each session will follow a designed, fun curriculum. We practice at Sailfish Splash Waterpark, which provides working families the option for their children to participate in organized sports without the stress of traveling to and from a certain location.

Bus will pick-up student from school and will be drop-off to the Atlantic Diving Team at Sailfish Splash Waterpark located at 931 SE Ruhnke St, Stuart, FL 34994. Parent/Guardian are responsible to Pick-up their child at Sailfish Splash Waterpark at the designated pick-up time.

Our Approach to Diving Sports
Our sports coaches and volunteers encourage children to reach their full potential. Sports and recreation at the Atlantic Diving Team create a healthy outlet for children to gain new skills, learn to work as a team and connect with positive role models — all in an inclusive environment.

National Competitive Diving
In addition to recreational diving, the Atlantic Diving Team hosts annual Diving competitions events, which teach kids to value hard work, reach for excellence and enjoy spirited competition.

After School Program


Registration Form

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After School Program Admission

Non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 per child

Pick-up Time & Cost per month
1 day Classe   - 4:00PM - $60.00   |   5:00PM - $80.00   |   6:00PM - $100.00

2 days Classe - 4:00PM - $120.00   |   5:00PM - $160.00   |   6:00PM - $200.00

3 days Classe - 4:00PM - $180.00   |   5:00PM - $240.00   |   6:00PM - $300.00