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Houston/Sworn Aquatic Center | 901 NW 10th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 | Map


The goal of this program is to introduce basic diving skills required for the safe practice of diving. A promotion to a higher level is based on coaches recommendation.


This program is designed to teach and improve more complex diving skills and prepare divers for competition on different levels.


This is a good opportunity for your children to learn, improve, and have fun. Give your children the opportunity to discover a different world. We promise they will have the time of their life.

New Locations will be added once they become available

This is diving...

Diving is a year round sport. Diving is not a consolation sport for those who decide not to swim. Diving is the ultimate form of grace, beauty, and athleticism. A diver must be able to perform a physically and mentally challenging act, in unison, in just 2 seconds and make it look effortless, in control, and beautiful. Diving is an individual team sport that fosters confidence, courage and a commitment to excellence. A diver will truly excel when working and competing with others on their team.

Conquering fear is something divers do every time they are on the board. When a diver smacks and has that feeling of “broken glass” pressing against their body; it means they are truly divers - pushing their mind and body to excel beyond the milk run of mediocrity. Some cry upon smacking, some just suck-it-up and some still think the redness will eventually turn to a tan ;). If you dive long enough you will become a very good diver – just how good will be up to your positive commitment, mental strength, and coaching.
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