Learn To Dive

1 Hour each day

This program is reserve for new students and will be instructed in basic skills, like forward and backward take-offs, approach and hurdle, forward and backward entries. All the dives and the skills thought are based on each individual's physical ability and understanding of the skill, to ensure both a safe and fun atmosphere and to create a good learning experience for all.

This program is designed for beginning level diver with little or no experience who wishes to learn the sport of diving and gain enough skills and control to be ready for the next level of instruction or training.

When registering with the Atlantic Diving Team you must bring our Application Form + USA Diving and AAU Membership + First Month Fee + Annual Team Registration Fee.

FC Level 1 -8 divers (FC Rules: Boys and Girls)



  • $80 / 1x per week

  • $105 / 2x per week

  • $130 / 3x per week

  • $155 / 4x per week


  • $82.95 / 1x per week

  • $108.83 / 2x per week

  • $134.70 / 3x per week

  • $160.58 / 4x per week


  • $30 Annual Team Registration Fee is charged at the time of joining. This fee is charged September 1st each year thereafter.

  • USA Diving Insurance & Membership (September 1 - August 31)
    $20 for Competitive Blue Membership www.usadiving.org

  • Athletic Amateur Union (AAU) (September 1 - August 31)
    $16 (Added Benefit Fee). www.diveaau.org

Order Team Uniforms (suits, bag, t-shits, Jacket, pans, etc.)

All participants must have these membership before starting lessons.