Parents Guidelines


The Atlantic Diving Team shall from time to time, adopt rules and regulations that it feels are necessary for the proper, orderly, and effective operation of the program. All those applying for membership and signing the agree form to be bound by those rules and regulation, fee, schedules, and late charges as they may now exist or as they may be modified in the future.


  • The Atlantic Diving Team is a year round program. Our official season begins in September and ends on August 31st of each year. By signing the contract, you are bound to training and paying on a quarterly base: Session 1: September 1st – November 31st, Session 2: December 1st – February 31st, Session 3: March 1st – May 31st. Session 4: June 1st – August 31st only if classes are available. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and no later than the 10th of the month.

  • For cancellation of this contract. Notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Atlantic Diving Team by the 20th of November, February, May, or August of the current year. Otherwise, this contract will automatically renew for the following quarterly session.

  • No credits will be issued if a member misses a workout or for holydays. Dues are not prorated and are payable monthly with a quarterly commitment.

  • An annual registration fee of $20.00 is charged at the time of joining. This fee is charged September 1st each year thereafter.

  • There will be make up classes only for that can show with a doctor notes that were ill. There will be no make ups for any other reason.


  • We understand the Atlantic Diving Team is a competitive program. Once divers are moved to the Age Group Team, National Team and Elite team program, we will be provided with a calendar of diving competitions throughout the year. We will make a commitment to bring our child to participate in such competitions.

  • There will be a $20 charge for each child for local meets. This amount will cover coaching fees at meets.

  • The coaches’ expenses will be divided by the amount of diver in the event.

  • There will be a $40 coaching fee per Regional, $60 Zone, or $80 National plus coach’s expenses (transportation, room and board) per competition per child. The coach’s expenses will be divided by the amount of diver in the event.

  • This fee will be collected 2 weeks prior of the competition.

Travel Policies:

When members of ADT travel to a diving meet the following policies will be in effect:

  • If at all possible, we’d like to all stay in the same hotel at a meet. Information regarding hotel blocks will be disseminated a few weeks prior to departure.

  • You are responsible for your child’s transportation. Further, YOU are responsible to be present at the event unless previous arrangements have been made with another family to be responsible for your child.

  • The coach will NEVER be responsible for anything other than coaching your child at a meet.

  • We will make every attempt to plan a team activity (self-funded) during a meet: fun day, team meal, etc.

  • Most meet registration is on You are responsible for signing your child up on If you have questions about your child’s events and/or dives, speak with your coach.

  • You are also responsible for all of your family’s travel costs as well as your percentage of the coaches’ travel cost.

  • You will be billed for your portion of coach travel prior to the competition. That payment should be made out to Atlantic Diving Team and given to your coach.

  • Every effort will be made to keep coach costs to a minimum.

  • As a general rule, the day after a weekend meet will be a rest day and no practice will take place.

  • We do NOT offer training when the team is at a meet. Nor is there “make up” training for those not attending the meets.

  • During home meets, you will be asked to help. That might be helping with hospitality, registration table duties, competition table duties, announcing, etc.


  • All payments are due on the 1st of each month and are considered late if not received by the 10th of each month. A $15 LATE CHARGE FEE will be assessed on any past due balance.

  • If any member reaches an unpaid balance of 2 months, such a member will not be able to practice until balance is cancelled.


  1. All divers must be at the pool at least 5 min. before practice starts.

  2. All divers must be picked up no later than 10 min. after their practice is over. If you are going to be late please let us know.

  3. All parents are asked to wait by the viewing area during workouts time. Parents are not allowed in the pool deck.

  4. If you need to talk to one of the coaches, please do not interrupt the coach during the class. You can contact them either before or after the class, or by phone.

  5. If your child is competing at a diving meet in our facility, you are expected to help running the meet (concession stands, score keeping, etc.)

  6. Payments are due the 1st of each month. Please pay your bill on time!

  7. Absolutely prohibited for any children to wait at the sidewalk, Parking lot and locker room of the pool building. They can only wait on the pool deck.

  8. We are not responsible of children after scheduled practice time is over. We are not responsible of children in the bathroom or locker room.