Age Group Team

2 Hour each day

Once a diver learns to dive, we have a competitive program for them. They dive in local, regional, zone, and national events depending upon their ability and desires.

This level of diving is the first notable turning point in a diver's career, and is designed to help the individual who is interested to prepare for competitive diving. A diver at this level possess all the basic skills learned in our Learn To Dive program. At this level the diver will feel greater expectation from the coaches, as more time is required at the pool and dry-land training and conditioning begins.

When registering with the Atlantic Diving Team you must bring our Application Form + USA Diving and AAU Membership + First Month Fee + Annual Team Registration Fee.

9 & U to 16 - 18 (With a Competitive List)



  • $160 / 3x per week

  • $190 / 4x per week

  • $220 / 5x per week

  • $235 / 6x per week


  • $165.75 / 3x per week

  • $196.80 / 4x per week

  • $227.85 / 5x per week

  • $243.38 / 6x per week



  • $30 Annual Team Registration Fee is charged at the time of joining. This fee is charged September 1st each year thereafter.

  • USA Diving Insurance & Membership (September 1 - August 31)
    $75 for Competitive Gold Membership

  • Athletic Amateur Union (AAU) (September 1 - August 31)
    $16 (Added Benefit Fee).

Order Team Uniforms (suits, bag, t-shits, Jacket, pans, etc.)

All participants must have these membership before starting lessons.