About Us

The program is under the guidance of Coach Osvaldo Pito Alberty, Atlantic Diving has trained a whole generation of Florida, national & international divers. From toddlers in our Learn to Dive program to competetitive team, High School athletes and Masters level seniors, there is a place on one of our teams for everyone.

Who Is Atlantic Diving Team?

Atlantic Diving Team (ADT), is a year round world class diving program in Pompano Beach and all surrounding areas. ADT helps beginners to Elite athletes to achieve their personal best. ADT offers training and practice groups for divers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the program to offer age specific training for all of athletes to assist in pursuing individual goals in a team environment. Diving teaches discipline, self-confidence and teamwork. Diving is a great alternative to traditional youth athletics. Come give us a try!


Benefits of Diving

The sport of diving is safe, fun and exciting. More than 25 million children participate in organized sports, but only a few thousand of the most talented athletes will become divers. Many young divers dream of the making it to the Olympic Games, others dream of making their high school teams or getting a university or college scholarship. No matter what size a child’s dream, it is important that the dream be theirs. Parents should nurture these dreams and help them come true.

Through diving, and the Atlantic Diving Team Program, your child will develop:

  • Improved agility flexibility, conditioning, and coordination

  • A positive self-image and more confidence

  • Improved social skills from interacting with other program participants and ADT coaches

  • An ability to deal with success and disappointments

  • Sportsmanship and leadership skills